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top50School is out and summer is in session, so it’s time to find out where the blog rankings stand in mid-2014.

As in the last report (and like the one before it and the one before that), the method here uses Alexa rankings very strictly whenever they are available. For some sites (i.e., Patheos and Livejournal), where Alexa doesn’t have separate data on each blog, the position has been reckoned by hand.

Check out the full list of biblioblogs, in order by rank, below. And why not keep tabs on some of the interesting blogs about the Bible while you are at it?

1. Zwinglius Redivivus
2. Jesus Creed
3. Observatório Bíblico
4. New Life
5. Bibbia Blog
6. Rethinking Biblical Christianity
7. Reading Acts
8. Bible Study and the Christian Life
9. Debunking Christianity
10. Exploring Our Matrix
11. Henry Neufeld
12. Unsettled Christianity
13. Aantekeningen bij de Bijbel 
14. Bible Places
15. Dust
16. Peter Kirby
17. Tabor Blog
18. 5 Minute Bible
19. Sansblogue
20. Teknia
21. The Naked Bible
22. Thoughts on Theology
23. First Followers
24. Dwindling in Unbelief
25. Larry Hurtado’s Blog
26. The Bart Ehrman Blog
27. Near Emmaus: Christ and Text
28. BLT — Bible * Literature * Translation
29. Vridar
30. Faith & Theology
31. Words on the Word
32. Daniel B. Wallace
33. The Bible in Church and Academy
34. NLT Study Bible
35. Hope’s Reason
36. NT Blog
36. Remnant of Giants
37. Ancient Hebrew Poetry
38. Eerdword
39. The Sacred Page
40. Greek Language and Linguistics
41. Diaspora
42. Daniel O. McClellan
43. Ferrell’s Travel Blog
44. Scotteriology
45, Better Bibles Blog
46. XKV8TR
47. Roger Pearse
48. Political Jesus
49. The Bible and Culture
50. Psephizo…It all adds up
Truth in Reality
Polumeros kai Polutropos 
Crux Sola
Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
Robert M. Price
Fundamentally Reformed
Catholic Bibles
Bible Software Review
Dr. Claude Mariottini
The Jesus Blog
Evangelical Textual Criticism
Prof. Lawrence H. Schiffman
The Book of Doctrines and Opinions
Les actualités du Monde de la Bible
Common Denominator
For the Sake of Truth
Euangelion Kata Markon
The Busybody
God Didn’t Say That: Bible Translations and Mistranslations
The Musings of Thomas Verenna
Evangelion / ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΟΝ
Biblical Language Centre
Estudios Bíblicos 
Dunelm Road
The Biblical World
NT/History Blog
Mauro Pesce
Bible Films Blog
Theological Musings
Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean
Macintosh Biblioblog
Dr. Jim’s Thinking Shop
Idle musings of a bookseller
Alin Suciu
Bible Geek Gone Wild
Stephen Huller’s Observations
Dr. Platypus
Stant Litore
Heavenly Ascents
Women in Ministry
PhD & Dissertation Advice
In The Text
New Testament Perspectives
The Tell es-Safi/Gath Excavations Official (and Unofficial) Weblog
Earliest Christianity
Bible Background
Forbidden Gospels Blog 
Philonica et Neotestamentica
Biblische Ausbildung
A Word in Edgewise
Paulus 2.0
Judy’s research blog
Brice C. Jones
Arne Berge
Bible X
Biblical Studies and Technological Tools
Hesed we ‘emet
Scripture Zealot Blog
Nathan Eubank
Davar Akher / דבר אחר
This Lamp
Ancient Hebrew Grammar
Bible Junkies
Fleeing Nergal, Seeing Stars
Kata ta biblia
On Not Being a Sausage 
e-homo religiosus
The Aramaic Blog
Identity Formation in the New Testament
Professor Obvious
Abnormal Interests
Japanese Biblical Studies
Happy Surprise
It’s all random mostly
NT Discourse
Believe, Teach, and Confess
Hidden Perspectives
Peje Iesous
Shields Up
Kol ha-adam / כל־האדם
Michael Langlois
NT Pod 
NT Resources Blog
Reviews of Biblical and Early Christian Studies
Biblical Languages
Eis Doxan
In Ephesus / ἐν ἐφέσῳ
Law, Prophets, and Writings
Emma England
Walking in the Way of Christ
LXX Studies
Verbum et Fides
Center for the Study of Christian Origins
Joining in the Conversation
Auckland Theology, Biblical Studies, et al
David Lincicum
Paul and co-workers
Amsterdam NT Weblog
Skeptics’ Testament
Verily, Verily
Markus Vinzent
Worthless Mysteries
The Blog of the Twelve
Klaas Spronk’s Weblog
Review of Biblical Literature
Old testament passion 
Biblical Studies at Leuven
Alan Hooker
Ger Vatoshav
Ιστολόγιο βιβλικών σπουδών / Biblical Studies Blog 
Walking Toward Jerusalem
Candida Moss
Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians
Early Christian Archives (τὰ ἀρχεῖα)
καὶ τὰ λοιπά
About the Bible / Περί της Βίβλου
Αγία Γραφή και Πρωτοχριστιανισμός
Balshanut / בלשנות 
Tyndale Tech
Bock’s Blog
First Things
New Testament Musings
Initial Explorations
Serving the Word 
Estudos Bíblicos
Língua Hebraica 
The Poulos Blog
Aндрей Орлов’s Journal
Eksegeettinen safari 
Baptist Bookworm
Chioulaoshi Blog / 邱老師網誌
Keep in touch…! 
Årstein Justnes’ Blogg
Ralph the Sacred River
OTTC: A Blog for Old Testament Textual Criticism
Apocrypha Gnostica
Hermeneutics and Human Dignity 
Ad Cummulus
The Overcaffeinated Greek Professor
Biblical Research
Marked by the Lamb: PazNaz Study of Revelation
Biblical Studies journal alerts
Atheist Biblical Criticism
ANZABS The Aotearoa-New Zealand Association of Biblical Studies


As before, please let me know if there’s a blog you want to see in the results next quarter.

  7 Responses to “Top 50 Biblioblogs: Summer 2014 Report”

  1. I humbly submit my own blog for future consideration.

  2. Since Near Emmaus recently was archived, I have moved my personal blog to a new location. How do I register my new blog for the list?

  3. Hey Peter,

    It look like you accidentally counted 36 twice.

  4. Thank you, Peter! I hope your Summer is going well.

  5. Thanks for all your hard work on this Peter. Could you update the link on BiblicalStudies.org.uk to http://biblicalstudies.org.uk/blog.

    Yours in Christ, Rob

  6. Hi, Peter–thanks for all you do to publish these quarterly reports. Do you plan another one soon?

  7. […] in the last report, the method here uses Alexa rankings whenever they are available. For some sites (i.e., Patheos and […]

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