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Here is the complete list. Why not add some of them to your Feedly reader?

  1. Zwinglius Redivivus
  2. Bible Places
  3. Teknia
  4. Reading Acts
  5. Deep Bible Study
  6. Unsettled Christianity
  7. Bible Geek Gone Wild
  8. Near Emmaus
  9. The Naked Bible
  10. Sansblogue
  11. 5 Minute Bible
  12. Biblioblog Top 50
  13. Andy Naselli
  14. Larry Hurtado
  15. The Sacred Page
  16. Joshua L. Mann
  17. Diaspora
  18. XKV8R
  19. Tabor Blog
  20. The Bible in Church and Academy
  21. Ferrell’s Travel Blog
  22. New Life
  23. Words on the Word
  24. Ancient Hebrew Poetry
  25. NT Blog
  26. Prof. Lawrence H. Schiffman
  27. Crux Sola
  28. Daniel B. Wallace
  29. Evangelical Textual Criticism
  30. Common Denominator
  31. Claude Mariottini
  32. biblicalia
  33. Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
  34. Philip Harland
  35. Political Jesus
  36. Blog of the Twelve
  37. The Book of Doctrines and Opinions
  38. The Biblical World
  39. Better Bibles Blog
  40. Brice C. Jones
  41. NT Resources
  42. Apocryphicity
  43. Hypotyposeis
  44. LXXI
  45. Heavenly Ascents
  46. Daniel O. McClellan
  47. PaleoJudaica
  48. The Musings of Tom Verenna
  49. Chrisendom
  50. Vridar

Traffic data compiled from Alexa Rankings. Complete list of biblioblogs cribbed from the official top 50 biblioblogs site, which is, interestingly, #12 itself on this list.

Some websites have been left out, notably those on Patheos because Alexa does not have separate data on these blogs. No offense is intended to bloggers on these platforms.


Alexa isn’t really a precise tool, but it does give a ballpark estimate (as long as nobody is manipulating it). It depends on counting website impressions of people who’ve installed the Alexa toolbar.

The rankings don’t tell the whole story. The traffic itself follows a power law curve. This means that, with every ranking increase, the increase in traffic becomes greater. It also means that a lot of blogs aren’t read very widely. Although there are many power law curves that vary regarding just how steep they are, most people have heard of the power law curve in the form of the “80-20 rule” illustrated below.

Power Law Curve

(The bloggers in the graphs above are mentioned for their accomplishments with respect and by way of illustration.)

  13 Responses to “Top 50 Biblioblogs by Traffic”

  1. […] Hashamayim took a lion’s share of time.  These posts got the blog included on a list of the top fifty blogs on the Bible. I also did less interfaith and parallels to Christianity because the general online world is more […]

  2. Is there a particular reason why all the blogs at Patheos were left off, such as Jesus Creed as well as my own Exploring Our Matrix? 🙁

    • As mentioned, I wasn’t able to rank them because Alexa doesn’t have any particular data on Patheos blogs. This also affected users of Livejournal. Apparently, WordPress and Blogspot blogs are tabulated separately by Alexa just fine, but, otherwise, it just shows data by domain name.

      You’re definitely up there, no doubt about it. 🙂

  3. […] Kirby lists the Top 50 Biblioblogs by Traffic (I will mention it even though I think he left out […]

  4. […] other Reading Acts news, Peter Kirby posted a top fifty list using only Alexa traffic data. This means that he was not able to separate out Patheos blogs, […]

  5. […] As you may be able to guess, the age of a blog is even more important when it comes to the number of inbound links from different domains than it is when it comes to the amount of traffic on that blog. This is one of the facts that has substantially changed the order of top biblioblogs listed above, when compared with the previous list of the top 50 by traffic. […]

  6. […] Word. Brian Small contributes his monthly Hebrews carnival at Polumeros kai Polutropos. Peter Kirby posted a top fifty Biblioblogs by traffic, although he did not include any of the Patheos blogs. A bit later Peter posted a Top 225 […]

  7. […] Biblioblogs (Biblical Studies blogs), coming in at number 22.  This list, compiled by Peter Kirby here, is also based on Alexa rankings.  He explains, “Alexa isn’t really a precise tool, but it […]

  8. […] the “top lists” regularly now, such as the BiblioBlog Top 50, although my favorite is Peter’s Kirby’s list, since he put me at #4.  Reading Acts was the host for the March 2013 BiblioBlog Carnival and I […]

  9. […] I had posted the Top 50 Biblioblogs by Traffic, which used Alexa rankings and which could not rank sites hosted on some platforms (such as Patheos […]

  10. […] in the last report (and like the one before it), the method here uses Alexa rankings very strictly whenever they are available. For some sites […]

  11. […] in the last report (and like the one before it and the one before that), the method here uses Alexa rankings very strictly whenever they are available. For some sites […]

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