Jan 092014

updateOver the last week, I’ve been able to update the Early Christian Writings site with the rest of the Nag Hammadi Library, which consists primarily of Gnostic texts. There are now 226 entries on the site.

Just recently the More Early Christian Writings update added some four dozen entries to the site, primarily church fathers and apocrypha, in an effort to bring the timeline down to 325 AD. I have a few other fragments (and archaeological data) to post. And I still need to fix the “At a Glance” boxes with good data.

Have any suggestions for improvements you’d like to see?

The list of new additions to the website follows below.

Apocalypse of Adam (50-150 AD)
Eugnostos the Blessed (50-150 AD)
Thunder, Perfect Mind (100-230 AD)
The Testimony of Truth (150-200 AD)
The Interpretation of Knowledge (150-200 AD)
The Paraphrase of Shem (150-250 AD)
The Prayer of the Apostle Paul (150-300 AD)
Allogenes, the Stranger (150-350 AD)
Hypsiphrone (150-350 AD)
Valentinian Exposition with Valentinian Liturgical Readings (150-350 AD)
The Act of Peter (150-350 AD)
The Concept of Our Great Power (150-360 AD)
The Thought of Norea (170-230 AD)
The Sentences of Sextus (180-230 AD)
The Second Discourse of Great Seth (190-230 AD)
Zostrianos (200-230 AD)
Exegesis on the Soul (200-230 AD)
The Three Steles of Seth (200-230 AD)
The Tripartite Tractate (200-300 AD)
The Hypostasis of the Archons (200-300 AD)
The Prayer of Thanksgiving (200-300 AD)
The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit (200-350 AD)
Excerpt from the Perfect Discourse (250-300 AD)
The Teachings of Silvanus (250-300 AD)
Marsanes (270-330 AD)
On the Origin of the World (270-330 AD)


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