Dec 302013

ImprovedI’ve been busy extending the timeline of the Early Christian Writings website down to the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. It’s now at a milestone, as the site has gone from having 153 entries to having 200 entries, including several noteworthy writers such as Cyprian and Eusebius.

I still have 26 Nag Hammadi Library texts to add to the site (the rest of the NHL codices) and a few odds and ends (some fragments and quotations that had been overlooked or which have been discovered since 2001). I expect to put some of the archaeological data from the Physical Evidence of Early Christianity post on the website. I also need to improve the existing pages and fill in the “At a Glance” information boxes with good data. After that, who knows what the future might bring?

Here’s the 47 new additions to the website.

Gospel of Eve (100-200 AD)
Gospel of Perfection (120-180 AD)
Genna Marias (Descent of Mary) (120-200 AD)
Preaching of Paul (Praedicatio Pauli) (150-250 AD)
Epistle to the Laodiceans (150-350 AD)
Questions of Mary (150-350 AD)
Dialogue Between John and Jesus (150-400 AD)
Ammonius of Alexandria (200-230 AD)
Apostolic Church Order (200-330 AD)
Monarchian Prologues (200-450 AD)
Lucian of Antioch (210-245 AD)
Callistus (217-222 AD)
Dionysius of Alexandria (230-265 AD)
Firmilian of Caesarea (230-268 AD)
Commodian (240-260 AD)
Cyprian (246-258 AD)
Gospel of Mani (240-274 AD)
Coptic Apocalypse of Elijah (250-350 AD)
Apocalypse of Paul (250-400 AD)
Pope Cornelius (251-253 AD)
Novatian (251-258 AD)
Pope Stephen (254-257 AD)
Dionysius of Rome (259-268 AD)
Theognostus (260-280 AD)
Gregory Thaumaturgus (265-282 AD)
Pope Felix (269-275 AD)
Victorinus of Pettau (270-310 AD)
Methodius (270-312 AD)
De Recta in Deum Fide (270-350 AD)
Hesychius (280-300 AD)
Pierius (280-310 AD)
Pamphilus of Caesarea (280-310 AD)
Arnobius of Sicca (297-310 AD)
Peter of Alexandria (300-311 AD)
Pseudo-Clementine Homilies (300-320 AD)
Eusebius of Caesarea (300-340 AD)
Manichean Acts of Leucius Charinus (300-350 AD)
Letters of Paul and Seneca (300-390 AD)
Apocalypse of Thomas (300-400 AD)
Freer Logion (300-400 AD)
Gospel of Gamaliel (300-600 AD)
Lactantius (303-316 AD)
Reticius of Autun (310-334 AD)
Pseudo-Clementine Recognitions (320-380 AD)


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