Sep 252013

… from the Political Jesus blog:

First, rejoice that your internet is working in the first place. …

Second, realize that some people are meant to blog to a worldwide audience. … Your sucky blogging might be tragic, but keep it up. It makes the rest of us look like the all stars we are.

Third, if your blog is honestly lame, but it at least brings up interesting topics… Just repeat something that you heard one time that sounded interesting, even if you can’t back it up with facts.

Fourth, don’t actually read blogs. Just respond in the comments section about what you THINK the blogger was saying in the title, or based on how you misinterpreted an earlier blog of theirs.

Fifth, take the time to write to your blogger. … That way, they will read it, unlike the comments on your blog, which get deleted once ANYONE begins to level serious critique. …

Thanks! Very useful tips for aspiring bloggers, especially parts 3 and 4, because you can blog much more frequently if you don’t bother to do research or even read the blog posts you talk about. Good to know! 🙂

Nota bene – this is a parody of something else somewhere online.

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